Bristol Plasterers: Plastering for the South West

Bristol Plasterers offer a high-quality plastering service across Bristol and the South West. We cater to all needs: whether you have a small residential plastering repair or a large commercial project, Bristol Plasterers can provide the service you require. With our excellent customer service, Bristol Plasterers provides a smooth service from start to finish. Call Neil on 07752 100 150 for a friendly free quote.

Bristol Plasterers: All Plastering Techniques Covered

Bristol Plasterers undertakes a range of typical plastering projects. We are experts in skimming, rendering and plasterboard, as well as ceiling and wall repair and the fitting of coving. All work is done to the highest of standards. As well as all plastering techniques, Bristol Plasterers is also able to help you with a number of other projects such as re-pointing, pebble-dashing, and fire-breast removal. Contact Bristol Plasterers today to discuss your requirements.


Bristol Plasterers: Interior and Exterior Plastering

Bristol Plasterers are experts in providing the smooth finish popular on interior walls. However, we also have highly-trained plasterers offering decorative finishes such as ceiling roses. We can provide a portfolio of our previous projects so that you can see the high-quality work that Bristol Plasterers provides. Bristol Plasterers has long experience of both interior and exterior plastering. Bristol Plasterers only uses the highest quality materials in order to give the best finish to our projects. Call today for a no-obligation quotation. Bristol Plasterers will provide you with a detailed written quotation, allowing you to best budget for your project.

Bristol Plasterers: Experts in Using Traditional Materials

Bristol Plasterers looks forward to working with customers with special plastering requirements. If yours is a listed property and must be rendered to conform to guidelines laid down by your local conservation authority, Bristol Plasterers can assist you in choosing the correct type of plaster and finishing style. Lime rendering is one common traditional method, and one in which our team has a lot of experience. Bristol Plasterers can also source traditional plastering materials where necessary.

Bristol Plasterers: Customer Service

plastering a wall bristolOur quality of service of service speaks for itself, with many customers returning time and again. We are also contacted by large numbers of customers who have received a word-of-mouth recommendation from friends and colleagues impressed by the Bristol Plasterers service and work standards. Bristol Plasterers understands that having plastering work done can be a disruptive business. Our team members will arrive on site with all necessary equipment and will tidy away any mess during at at the completion of the project. Bristol Plasterers make every effort to work cleanly and are efficient in their work, meaning minimal disruption to you and your family or office.

Bristol Plasterers: A Professional and Friendly Service

Bristol Plasterers works primarily within the Bristol area but has also completed a number of impressive projects across the South West. Whatever your plastering requirements, call us to see what Bristol Plasterers is able to do for you. We are proud to meet and exceed the standards of all customers by focusing on attention to detail in our work, combined with a professional and friendly service. Plastering is a highly-skilled profession. Get the finish on your wall or ceiling right first time: call in the experts at Bristol Plasterers.

Bristol Plasterers: Domestic and Commercial Plastering

Bristol Plasterers operate across the whole of Bristol county, completing both domestic and commercial projects quickly and efficiently. All plasterers employed by Bristol Plasterers are competent, friendly and polite, we feel that quality service must be provided as well as quality work .Our rates are competitive and hiring Bristol Plasterers will result in the faster completion of your project. All size jobs are welcome, both domestic, private work and contracted construction work is available.

Consultation call-outs by Bristol Plasterers are available daily, and quotes are available by phone today! References, photographs and testimonials of other work completed by Bristol Plasterers can be provided, to assure you of the highest quality and satisfaction you will experience during your project with one of our plasterers.

Bristol Plasterers: Internal and External Plastering

bristol-plastering-company-fourOffering both internal walls and external wall work, Bristol Plasterers offer prompt service, plastering walls and ceilings, as well as laying tiled walls and floors. Plastering is a real skill and DIY attempts often prove disastrous. For your home improvement project, trust to Bristol Plasterers; specialists whose work will be efficient and high quality. Bristol Plasterers offer whole house, room and single wall only services as well as smaller scale repair work, such as where a wall might have been damaged.

Our qualified staff provide a swift service; Bristol Plasterers arrive promptly with all necessary tools, and leaving no clear-up work for you the customer. For external work such as dry-walling to protect the walls of your house, scaffolding is provided by Bristol Plasterers, and any old, damaged covering will be removed and cleared before work begins.

Bristol Plasterers: Short or Lengthy Plastering Projects

Available on any weekday or during the weekend, Bristol Plasterers can be hired for any length or size project. Both inner-city and rural jobs are catered for within the county. Smaller projects are offered on a daily-rate basis or with a completed job quote. Materials and equipment such as stilts for ceiling work are provided by Bristol Plasterers.

Corporate work with a larger team of Bristol Plasterers is also available, longer contracts are welcome for commercial properties or housing development projects. Agreed deadlines will be respected and the work will be completed on a deadline orientated basis. Quotes for corporate work will be for whole job completion and materials should be provided by your company, the invoice will be for skilled labour.

Bristol Plasterers: Internal and External Plastering

Bristol Plasterers offer a range of services to safe-guard your home such as painting services, meaning that the whole of your project can be started and completed by us. This allows for a clear invoice, with no hidden fees, from bare walls to completion. Allowing Bristol Plasterers to take care of your project results in a stress-free efficient project.
Bristol Plasterers also offer stud-walling and plasterboard work, to improve the insulation of older houses. Older brick and stone houses have minimal insulation which can add to your heating bills, stud-walling, insulation, plasterboard then painting can be performed as a whole process by Bristol Plasterers, making your property warm, cosy, well-insulated and thus more cost-effective.

Bristol Plasterers: Damp Proofing

Bristol Plasterers can also consult and offer services in damp-proofing; a vital part of a dry, mould-free home. Damaged damp-proofing can lead to mould and damp creeping into your home. Bristol Plasterers can offer damp-proof coursing solutions to protect your home from these risks.
Finally, along with external wall plastering, Bristol Plasterers can offer guttering repairs, to help keep excess rainwater from damaging your external walls.

Plasterers in Bristol: High Quality Plastering

bristol Man PlasteringIf you are looking for Plasterers in Bristol then you should look no further than us. Our Plasterers in Bristol offer a well reputed service for all of your indoor plastering works, from decorative, Venetian plastering to your standard 2 coat plaster we have it covered. We cover all plastering in Bristol and the surrounding area and have a large and long standing customer base in Clifton, Redland, Cotham, Bedminster, Fishponds and many other parts of the city.

The Plasterer in Bristol team have a number of years of hands on experience and we work with the objective of delivering customer satisfaction for every job, both domestic and commercial. Our Plasterers in Bristol know the importance of trust and reliability in choosing any tradesman, and we promise to deliver a quality service for an honest price. Plasterers in Bristol have always worked hard to gain business through word of mouth, and we believe that any business won by a positive recommendation is testament to the quality and attitude that we have towards our work. It is the aim of all of the Plasterers in Bristol team to execute a flawless finish to every wall we plaster and we take great delight in being able to offer the best Plastering in Bristol.

Plasterers in Bristol: Plastering Services

Our Plasterers in Bristol offer a wide variety of services such as complete new wall plastering, plastering repairs, water damage, plaster-boarding, Venetian plastering as well as a great deal more. Bristol Plasterers work with years of experience and all of our Plasterers in Bristol team have a thorough working knowledge of plastering as an ancient art as well as a modern trade. Our Plasterers in Bristol thrive on the knowledge that they are working with one of the most ancient skills in the history of building and mankind. It is reported that even the pyramids have evidence that plaster was used in their creation and that would have been around 4000 years ago! Over the years, the quality and composition of the Plastering in Bristol has radicalised massively and it has been used throughout history to create some of the most amazing structures and designs.

plastering-bristol-roomFrom cathedrals and churches to decorative walls, plastering is a highly skilled profession which adds strength and finish to the most basic of buildings work. Plastering in Bristol has used a number of different plasters throughout the years, from plaster which uses horse hair as a binder up until the new and popular method of using fibre-glass as a strengthening and binding product. Contact us today for Plasterers in Bristol who know quality.Plasterers in Bristol- Our Legacy

Plastering in Bristol started from the bottom up. All of our hard work so far has paid off with us being one of the most well reputed and respected Plasters in Bristol. As we continue to perfect and enjoy our trade we increase our already wide ranging customer base around the South West and as the variety of jobs increase so does our skill. Bristol Plasterers always work with the objective of providing you with the highest quality care and finish so that you can rest assured that by calling us in your plastering job will be to the standard that you expect.

Since the founding of Plasterers in Bristol, we have always delivered above and beyond what you, the customer, expects and our Plasterers in Bristol love being able to out do ourselves on every job. Bristol Plasterers always quote the most honest and fair price that we can and we promise to give you the cheapest price every time. Our Plasterers in Bristol pride themselves on being experts in the field and so we are always on hand to offer you excellent advice and consultation, no matter your query or question.

Plasterer Bristol- Skills

Plastering in Bristol is often very diverse work and our Plasterers in Bristol have honed our skills to be able to offer a large range of different plasterwall-plastering-in-bristoling skills such as plaster-boarding and veneer plastering which are most popular nowadays. Plastering in Bristol also offers exterior plastering services for domestic and commercial work. There a number of different finishes that you can have for your interior plastering in Bristol. Most popular is the smooth finish, particularly on walls as it gives a smooth and clean cut finish to any room.

Bristol Plasterers pride themselves on being able to offer the most even and well finished plaster on any walls. For those who want a slightly more rustic finish Plastering in Bristol can offer a textured finish to your ceiling, closet or garage. This technique is generally a far quicker process from beginning to end than a smooth finish. Bristol Plastering will just coat your ceiling or wall without the smoothing finish by our professional Plasterers in Bristol. This design is often reserved for ceilings or walls which are part of the exterior of your building as the finish isn’t as sophisticated or clean looking as the smooth finish. Our Plasterers in Bristol know their stuff!


Plasterer Bristol- Exterior Walls by Plasterers in Bristol

External plastering can be seen in most houses in and around Bristol and the general term used by Plasterers in Bristol is ‘rendering’. Traditionally the plaster was created with lime, but this has recently fallen into disfavour, with cement being it’s primary replacement. However, Bristol Plastering often works on 19th Century houses which are far more likely to use the more traditional stucco method. Bristol’s Georgian houses often have a stucco finish which is created from an original lime mix to create a smooth and bright finish. Bristol Plasters are experts in replacing and repairing damage to the render on your Bristol home or building, so to cover up the unsightly and chipped finish to your outside wall, call our Plasterers in Bristol for a revamp! Our Plasterers in Bristol will also be able to offer a spotless, rendered finish to your brand new breeze block extension or garage. Our Plasterers in Bristol even have the expertise to be able to match the new plaster to the older plaster on your house so that your new build  does not look incongruous. For traditional buildings, there is a form of exterior plastering called ‘pebbledash’ which was particularly popular in Tudor times in conjunction with wooden slats, this mixture was often mixed with horses hair for strength. Call us now for professional Plasterers in Bristol offering guaranteed high quality plastering work in the Bristol area.